Signal Boost Guidelines

As of September 8, 2020, the following guidelines will be used to determine if, when and how I signal boost funding requests on Twitter.

1. Priority will always go to friends whose needs and/or trustworthiness are known to me.

2. Further priority goes to Black, NBPOC, disabled, and LGBTQ folks.

3. If we have no existing relationship, requests for boosts will only be honored for serious emergency needs. That includes, but is not limited to:

  • funding for immediate healthcare or medication needs
  • safety funding for individuals leaving domestic violence situations
  • funding for immediate housing needs, especially for those sleeping in unsafe places (outside or in vehicles)

4. Even boost requests meeting these guidelines will be subject to my discretion. A request does not guarantee amplification.

5. Remember that the hashtags I add to requests I boost are available to everyone: #MaterialSupport #HousingCrowdFund #EmergencyCrowdFund #DisabilityCrowdFund #TransCrowdFund anyone can use them, as applicable, to further the reach of a funding request.