Signal Boost Guidelines

UPDATED April 21, 2021: I created guidelines to determine if, when and how I would choose to signal boost funding requests on Twitter.

Since I did so, last September, and put these guidelines in my pinned tweet, I have been inundated with requests, many each day, some repeated day after day, from strangers who don’t follow me, with whom I’ve never interacted, many of whose timelines have no content outside of campaigning for funds.

It doesn’t sit well with me, so here’s the updated guideline: don’t ask for a signal boost. Those requests will be ignored.

The hashtags I add to requests I boost are available to everyone: #MaterialSupport #HousingCrowdFund #EmergencyCrowdFund #DisabilityCrowdFund #TransCrowdFund — use them, as applicable, to further the reach of a funding request. But don’t ask me.