About Amadi

For a long time this page attempted to tell you who I am and what I’m about. It was always inadequate because short bullet points are just labeling, they are signposts pointing toward a place of understanding, not shortcuts to get you there more quickly.

You’re probably here from my Twitter page, in which case you already know that I’m a snarky, cussy sort, who occasionally goes quiet for days and sometimes goes off on multiple threads in a day. It’s just like that.

I’m not for everyone. You may find I’m not for you. That’s fine. I am always going to be me.

Back to those bullet points. I am Black, a Jew, queer, genderqueer (she/her or ze/zir are equally acceptable pronouns), fat and disabled. I am committed to justice and the liberation of all oppressed people. My pledge and praxis is to tzedakah – charitable giving – and to always be pro-Black, pro-Jew, pro-queer, pro-trans, pro-fat, pro-disabled, pro-reproductive justice, pro-poor people, pro-sex worker and pro-woman with a view toward tikkun olam. Like everyone, I will fall short. Like in all cases, there will be disagreements about how I live that pledge, or whether I have at all. Refer to the previous paragraph.

If you really want to get deeper into my head, I post longer form pieces on Facebook and appear to appear to be returning to Tumblr perhaps. I curate a song a day playlist on Spotify (not my favorite platform but it has the best access) which is an ongoing project that began in 2018 and has continued (‘19, ‘20, ‘21) annually since. All of my lifestyle interests from baking to art to queer pop culture reside on Pinterest. Very infrequent glimpses into my visual world can be seen on Instagram. I’ve become a talking (and occasionally singing) head on TikTok and I’m most personally reachable on Discord where I am Amadi#1823.

If my offerings have been entertaining, educating or otherwise enriching to you, my tipboxes at PayPal and Venmo are always open. I also have an Amazon wishlist. I survive on disability payments and gumption, so even small gifts help.

Most important, if you’ve got questions? Ask, don’t assume. I don’t bite. Really.

Thanks for reading.